Mikasa Dinnerware

Mikasa was started in Secaucus, NJ in the thirties and theyve been producing some pretty fine quality dinnerware and crystal since then. In the late 40s they introduced a line of very sturdy ceramic ware which became very popular with middle class house holds after WWII.

They continued to keep their finger on the pulse of the American consumers demands when they introduced a product line of more casual dinnerware. The style of these new products reflected the more relaxed and laid back atmosphere of the times. This ability to provide the exact right style of dinnerware for the times continues into todays product line.

One part of Mikasas genius is that they realize they can keep overhead low by outsourcing the manufacturing instead of trying to maintain their own plants. They also stay ahead of the competition by constantly retooling their styles as the publics tastes change.

Today there is a whole range of Mikasa dinnerware to choose from. There are products for the casual weekday dinner with family. And there are also products fit for the most finely appointed tables at the most elegant dinner parties. In addition to plates, bowls, and cups, Mikasa also offers superb flatware, crystal, and other great accessories.

Mikasa has supplied imported dinnerware to Bloomingdales, Macys and May Department stores as well as other fine retailers. The diversification of Mikasa into a company that sells crystal and stainless tableware began in the 1970s. Over the years there has been a wide variety of Mikasa dinnerware. A collector can find replacements for older patterns as well as new patterns. There are Mikasa stoneware patterns and also Mikasa china.

New Mikasa patterns come out on a regular basis. There are over 500 Mikasa patterns both old and new available. You may find Mikasa Fine China, Mikasa Bone China and Mikasa Stoneware. Mikasa outlets carry a wide variety of china, stoneware, crystal and stainless. It is easy to set a lovely table with Mikasa dinnerware sets. Become a nutritionist and impact everyone's diets and lifestyle. Find schools and educational resources.